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Homemad moneyLightning Round: Why I can't get behind Boeing

Lightning Round: Why I can’t get behind Boeing

It's that time again! Jim Cramer rang the lightning round bell, which means he gave his take on caller favorite stocks at rapid speed:

Eli Lilly: "I think that Lilly at $72 is just a plain out buy. I think it is very, very cheap and conceivable that it might have some good Alzheimer's news later in the year."

Spectra Energy: "I think it's OK. Greg Ebel [CEO] really does run a true utility that yields 5 percent, but I've got to tell you in the end it is going to be fossil fuel aided. That means when oil goes back down it is going to get hammered even if it shouldn't."

AbbVie: "Jeffrey's is recommending AbbVie and I thought it was quite compelling. I was skeptical initially, but I decided that it did seem very cheap."

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Boeing: "Boeing had that accounting issue, and I like Boeing … I will tell you that I cannot get behind Boeing, because they do have that accounting irregularity. And when I have done that in my career it has been a mistake. So as much as I like Boeing the company, I can't get behind it right now. I can get behind United Technologies and I definitely want you to own Honeywell."

Chipotle: "When it went down to the low $400s we said buy, buy, buy. It's done, we think people will not be thinking about E. coli six months from now. And you have to know that stocks anticipate those declines and then the end. And that is why you want to buy Chipotle, even up here."

Potash: "No. Stay curious, but stay away. We don't like the farmer's income balance statements, and they are all coming down. I think by the way, that Deere you should take advantage of the strength in and sell, sell, sell."

Taser International: "I think the stock is too cheap. It is a law enforcement ecosystem and I think it's time to buy the stock down here. I think it's a good one."

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