Saturday, April 1, 2023
Homemad moneyCramer's lightning round: 'I am a buyer of Chewy'

Cramer’s lightning round: ‘I am a buyer of Chewy’

  • It's that time again! "Mad Money" host Jim Cramer rings the lightning round bell, which means he's giving his answers to callers' stock questions at rapid speed.

Chewy: "Chewy has one of those where you sign up for auto renewal. Auto renewal is the single most profitable form of business in the world today. I am a buyer of Chewy."

Trade Desk: "Oh, he bought it when it was down. That was smart. I think it could make a comeback. The quarter wasn't nearly as bad as the stock indicated. I think you're son has got horse sense."

AppLovin: "Man, how did you find that one? That's just another one of those stocks that I've got to do work on because it sounds like all the other stocks. I'll come back. I'll do homework."


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