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How homeowners can financially prepare for the next hurricane or big storm heading their way

  • Ida hit the Gulf Coast on the heels of two other destructive storms in recent weeks — Fred in the Southeast and Henri in the Northeast.
  • September is the peak month for hurricane activity in the Atlantic.
  • Homeowners insurance generally does not cover damage caused by flooding.

Dartanian Stovall looks at the house that collapsed with him inside during the height of Hurricane Ida in New Orleans.Michael DeMocker | USA TODAY Network via Reuters

If you've winced at the destruction caused by Hurricane Ida along the Gulf Coast, you may want to consider whether you're prepared in case the next big storm hits your neighborhood.

One part of that evaluation should be a review of the insurance coverage for your house.

While homeowners policies cover some forms of damage caused by weather events, they don't cover everything. And, there may be different deductibles that apply depending on the particular cause of the damage.

"Double check with your insurance agent," said Spencer Houldin, co-president of Ericson Insurance Advisors. "And don't do it two days before the storm hits because at that point, any requested changes probably won't be accepted."


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