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That New Year’s Eve babysitter is a budget-buster

Parents: Ringing in the New Year could be way more expensive than you think.

There are plenty of affordable options for the big night out — found that 83 percent of those celebrating expect to spend less than $200.

"We don't recommend staying home with the cats and pouring yourself a glass of sparkling grape juice just to save a few bucks," WalletHub said.

You might not be staying home with the cats, but who's staying home with the kids? Adding in a babysitter could add roughly $100 to your tab.

"It is so impossible to find a sitter on New Year's Eve, and if you are lucky enough to, it can be double the normal amount," said Kimberly Palmer, author of "Smart Mom, Rich Mom."

Your regular sitter is probably booked — or has plans to head out and celebrate. New Year's Eve is the second most popular night for babysitting, after Valentine's Day, said Joyce Hodel, a data scientist for

Prices can vary widely by locale and the number of kids you're asking the sitter to keep an eye on. In some of the more expensive cities (see chart above), rates are close to $17 an hour, reports. Stay out from 7 p.m. until an hour or two after the ball drops, and you could easily be in for a three-figure bill.

Hodel said that hourly rate is on par for a weekend night, but some families offer more to snag a sitter at the last minute or entice their regular caregiver to give up holiday plans. It can also help to sweeten the deal with extras like a cab ride home or takeout dinner, she said.


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