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Cramer Remix: Party with these rock star stocks

The secret to Jim Cramer's success is that it's not just about picking good stocks; it's about when you should pick the stocks. The rock star stocks that will party with you all year long.

That is why the "Mad Money" host is always trying to get investors intrigued enough to do the homework. He wants investors to be able to recognize the patterns in context and be able to explain why stocks frequently separate from the company fundamentals.

If you can recognize the patterns, then you won't be faked or fooled when the market becomes insanity.

There are various reasons why the selloff in the beginning of the year occurred, and some of the hypotheses that Cramer heard were just plain ridiculous and not based on fact. So he is weeding through all of the explanations for selling, to separate out all of the ones that smell like a rat.

"It's about how, if you buy panic instead of selling into it, and if you sell euphoria instead of chasing it, you do better. You make money," Cramer added.

In the end, Cramer wants to help investors do better than they would otherwise do alone. Many could have done better if they had heeded his advice during the absurd selloff in the beginning of January, rather than succumb to the market's irrational mood disorder.

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Lucy Nicholson | Reuters

Three independent oil companies have announced big capital expenditure cuts recently. So that means the oil boom in America is over and oil prices will go back up, right?

Think again, said Cramer. The glut in oil cannot possibly be cleared up, especially when you look at the production figures slated for 2015.

On Wednesday, both Concho and Sanchez announced dramatic reductions to their capital expenditure budgets. Concho had planned for $3 billion and knocked it down to $2 billion. Likewise, Sanchez slashed its budget to $400 million-$450 million from $1.15 billion.

But here's the kicker: Concho is still planning on boosting production 20 percent from 16 percent. Sanchez is looking for 40 percent production growth in 2015.

With all of these factors combined, Cramer thinks that we just cannot be bullish on oil in 2015. Even if the demand were to return, the production is increasing at such an alarming rate that there is just too much black gold sloshing around.

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One thing Cramer has learned in his 37-year career on Wall Street, is that winners tend to repeat their performances. Will this apply to the Top 10 stocks of the in 2014?

To answer this question, Cramer took look at the Top 10 best performing stocks to decide if they are worth holding on to, or if it's time to cash in.

"Funny thing, though, with great stocks of great companies…they tend to have enough going for them that they are rarely brought down the year after except by major management miscues or a marketwide selloff that is unrelenting and punishing to all stocks," Cramer added.

Rock star stocks included Southwest Airlines, Edward Lifesciences, Allergan and Mallinckrodt.

"Analysts just can't get the fact that if you can buy a retailer with accelerating same-store-sales growth, as this one has for a 19 multiple, you should grab it," he said.

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Another group of stocks that crushed it in 2014, were the biotech plays. Cramer decided to circle back to a specific subgroup of biotechs, that specialize in cancer immunotherapy. After all the better we understand the medical side, the better we understand the stock.

The companies that develop these types of drugs specialize in targeting and killing cancer cells. As opposed to other cancer treatments that will damage healthy parts of the body during treatment.

One form of immunotherapy is known as checkpoint inhibitors, which take away the ability for cancer cells to hide in the immune system. Big dogs such as Merck, Bristol-Myers and AstraZeneca are all working on these drugs, which could be a big money maker that save lives.

To gain further insight, Cramer spoke with Dr. Natalie Azar, an NBC medical contributor and professor of Rheumatology at NYU Langone Medical Center.

"These drugs are probably going to end up being safer and more effective than the chemo we have been using for decades," Azar said.

In the Lightning Round, Cramer continued to spot the top stocks of 2015 when he gave his take on a few caller favorites:

Spectra Energy: "I like this, it's in the distribution business and has a good 4 percent yield and I don't have to worry about the price of commodities as much as a lot of these other plays. This has got my blessing."

Consolidated Edison: "We care more about the fact that they are increasing their dividend, than we do a stock split. I will tell you that Con Ed has had a very big run. If interest rates take a single tick up, Con Ed's going to be down $3. That's when I want you to buy it."

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