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Cramer Remix: Hold this stock for the long term

Some ascribe Wednesday's market rally to the possibility that the European Central Bank will jumpstart Europe's economy on Thursday. Others pinned it to Obama speech about soaking the rich on Tuesday evening. Not Jim Cramer. He said the rally was born on the back of one measly stock—Netflix.

"Netflix is an odd bird, one of those stocks that people want to own because they love Netflix, the service. There's nothing the matter with that. I just find it hard to value, which is why I call it a cult stock," said the "Mad Money" host.

Cramer refers to what he calls "cult stocks" as those stocks that do not trade on revenues or earnings. They trade based on sexy press releases, or in Netflix's case, on new subscribers and new releases of Orange is the New Black" or "Marco Polo."

Cult stocks are popular because people consider them cool to own. When one goes up, they all trade up together in a group. This is the reason why Cramer does not consider Netflix to be a tech stock. It is a cult stock along with Amazon, Tesla and GoPro.

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Did you miss the boat for the monster Netflix gains that hit the tape on Wednesday? The "Mad Money" host has been blindsided by bad calls on analysts before, but not this time.

Two analysts nailed it perfectly, urging investors to buy ahead of the quarter.

"The work, done by John Blackledge at Cowen and Scott Devitt at Stifel, was exemplary and worth praising to the skies, because you had plenty of opportunity to act on their upgrades," said the "Mad Money" host.

Cowen had some intense research based on a survey of 1,000 U.S. citizens, which indicated that the original content available on Netflix caused users to spend more time using it. Thus, they were willing to pay more for the membership.

It also indicated that users were doing more binge watching of Netflix programming, indicating that the acceptance of higher membership fees could lead to higher profits down the road.

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So far this month, Cramer has been on a mission to find the hottest biotechs of 2015. While reviewing all of the top performers of last year, he has found one that not only doubled in value last year, but has a personal mission to find a life-saving cure.

John Crowley is the chairman and CEO of Amicus Therapeutics, and is also a father and Navy reservist that fought to raise money to become a biotech entrepreneur. He didn't do this just to make money, but he did it in an effort to save his two children from a rare condition called Pompe disease.

Wednesday celebrates the five year anniversary of the movie Extraordinary Measures, starring Brendan Frasier and Harrison Ford, which chronicled Crowley's devotion to saving his daughter's lives.

Pompe is a neuromuscular disease that can ultimately be fatal, even with enzyme replacement therapy. Amicus has a drug in phase 2 trials that leverages their advanced enzyme replacement chaperone platform.

"We got involved in biotech in the late 90's when two of our children were diagnosed with a rare genetic disease…at the time there was nothing," said Crowley "So we really focused as parents initially on what could we do to help drive science to a cure. That was our initial effort, and that led to the development to a first generation treatment that our kids have been on for more than a decade. It saved their lives."

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Michael Weiss, TG Therapeutics CEOScott Mlyn | CNBC

Another biotech on Cramer's radar as one of the top five best performing biotechs of 2014 is TG Therapeutics.

This company develops monoclonal antibody based therapies for cancer. In particular, it is working on two drugs that target blood cancer therapies for non-Hodgkin's lymphoma and chronic lymphocytic leukemia.

After going on a major run last year, the stock has pulled back and is down $3 in the past week and a half. Cramer wonders if this might be a good buying opportunity. To find out, the "Mad Money" host sat down with TG Therapeutics CEO Michael Weiss.

"From the moment we started this company, our goal was to remove chemotherapy from treatment regimens. And I think we as a group of companies, us included, are getting much closer. The key is to put the combinations together…to get to a cure, you're going to need multiple drugs," Weiss said.

In the Lightning Round, Cramer continued to help investors find the next investing move, when he gave his take on a few caller favorites:

Deckers Outdoor Corp: "My feeling on Deckers is that you own it long term because Angel Martinez is maybe one of the smartest people in the footwear business. I want to own that stock. Am I saying the quarter is good? No, I'm saying that you want the long-term value of Deckers."

Horizon Pharmaceuticals: "We like all the pain plays; we think there is room for all of them. But you have to understand it is a very speculative situation…as long as people recognize you have to be playing with your mad money, I'm okay with it."

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