Friday, September 22, 2023
Homemad moneyLightning Round: The downgrade was wrong on this

Lightning Round: The downgrade was wrong on this

It's that time again! The Lightning Round bell has rung, and Jim Cramer gives his take on a few favorite audience stocks:

H&R Block: "I think the earnings are going to be consistent. I like this year for them when they can return capital."

RR Donnelley & Sons Co: "It caught a downgrade today, and I thought the downgrade was wrong-headed. I like the yield, and I like the growth."

Pacific Ethanol Inc: "No, I don't like the ethanol stocks. With gasoline going down, I'm just going to say sell, sell, sell."

Sanchez Energy: "No, I want to stay away from Sanchez. They are trying very hard to be able to refinance that balance sheet and make some sales. No thank you."

Intercept Pharmaceuticals: "This is about a particular kind of liver problem, and I think this drug is unique and worth owning the stock even up here."

Alcoa: "Enough pressure on Alcoa already. What's it going to go to, $12? I say you buy some here and buy some at $12 if it gets there."

Micron Technology: "My problem with Micron, along with Seagate and Western Digital, Intel, Hewlett-Packard and Microsoft, is that they are PC related. PC means sell, sell, sell."

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Trinity Industries: "I still don't like its core business, which is the rail cars. There is just too much capacity. I'm going to say no to that one."

Vodafone: "It's okay, not great. I prefer Verizon which I think is doing better."

Spark Therapeutics: "Gene therapy in Philadelphia. I do like this company, but it has moved a tremendous amount and we have got to be careful. I like Isis ahead of some new data coming out, too."

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