Tuesday, November 28, 2023
Homemad moneyCramer fired up about smokestacks stocks

Cramer fired up about smokestacks stocks

"Between now and next Friday, I would be a buyer, not a seller, of anything that needs a smokestack to make it all happen," Cramer said.

Largely the Mad Money host believes the next jobs number will confirm something he's been saying for quite some time – the economy is growing stronger and stronger.

And he says over the past several months, the best plays have involved embracing companies with big smokestacks (i.e ) before the jobs number is released. Cramer says the trend is so strong it's even lifting industrial names in which other catalysts have been less than favorable.

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"Consider if you will 3M," said Cramer. "Despite some vicious downgrades, including an outright sale from one important analyst this stock just didn't not quit. When it was hammered by the downgrade lots of people wrote it off, but as more excellent employment numbers showing real job growth hit the tape, 3M could not be kept down.

"Or consider Union Pacific. Here's a railroad company that preannounced a shortfall, which drove the stock down momentarily, but quickly thereafter the stock chugged higher," Cramer added.

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Cummins, Caterpillar and Alcoa also followed a similar pattern. That is, other catalysts dragged shares lower but a stronger than expected jobs report, drove them right back up.

"To me, the pattern is clear. The labor department's nonfarm payroll number is a powerful catalyst. If the next number is strong, then I'd again expect to see outperformance from industrials regardless of most other concerns," Cramer said.

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