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Old Spice’s new ‘Mom Song’ ad—freaky or funny?

Old Spice's new viral sensation ad featuring moms singing sad songs about their sons growing up will either have you hitting "retweet" right away, or calling your therapist.

The ad, which has nearly a million views since the body spray and deodorant company posted it on Friday starts off with a muscular adolescent boy putting on his T-shirt and leaving his room, only to reveal his mom was standing behind the door the whole time.

Click here to watch the ad.

She croons a song lamenting how her boy is becoming a man, a tune picked up by other mothers in a series of increasingly mental vignettes as they spy on their sons and their girlfriends.

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The effect is either "ZOMG, hilarious!" or "please stop the screams now," depending on what your opinion is of a mom cutting holes in a curtain to watch her son make a move on his girlfriend or another using a janitor costume to snoop on her son chatting with a girl in the cafeteria.

The clip peaks with a mom hiding in the couch cushions during her son's makeout session and slinking along the floor on her back only to sob and knit a sock.

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You can count Terry Crews, who has appeared as the bold and buff spokesman for Old Spice in previous campaigns, among the fans of the new effort.

"I loved it!" he said. "Nothing says mother's love like your mom clutching your car's rear bumper when you try to leave. Happened to me when I left for college!"

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