Sunday, December 10, 2023
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Energy group goes on offensive before elections

The American Petroleum Institute vowed Tuesday to ratchet up the pressure on Washington, saying its lobbying arm would push for policies—and politicians—more favorably disposed to America's oil and gas boom.

With congressional elections less than a year away, and with the controversial Keystone XL pipeline still on indefinite hold, the industry's main trade organization said that it would expend resources to "spur more pro-energy policies and to ensure that our nation's discussion on energy policy is based on fact and reality, not political orthodoxy and hyperbole," said Jack Gerard, API's president and CEO.

The group will use its political arm, America's Energy, America's Choice, to "use the upcoming midterm elections as a means to frame and positively influence the long-term energy policy discussion," he said. Policymakers need to "better align our nation's political science with our geologic science, because right now the former all too often drives energy policy."

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