Sunday, September 24, 2023
Homeroad warriorArctic travel conditions tie up US planes, trains

Arctic travel conditions tie up US planes, trains

Arctic temperatures are pressing on travelers in the United States, whether they're looking to move by plane or train.

"It looks like today will be an improvement over yesterday," Daniel Baker, the CEO of FlightAware, said in an email to CNBC on Tuesday. "Airlines cancelled over 4,100 flights yesterday in the U.S. and only 2,200 so far today. The Midwest continues to be most impacted, Chicago airports have over 30 percent of their flights cancelled and Cleveland over 50 percent. Good news is only 160 flights cancelled so far tomorrow."

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The pain wasn't limited to the airlines. More than 500 people spent the night on Amtrak trains stuck in the snow in northern Illinois, rail line officials said Tuesday. Late in the day Monday, Amtrak issued service alerts warning it would provide reduced service in the Northeast Corridor and in the Chicago area through Tuesday.


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