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Forget passwords and pins, your body is now a key

Tired of remembering dozens of passwords? Your body may be the only key you will need in the future.

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A lot of tech companies at the Consumer Electronic Show are touting biometrics as a way to make authentication easier and safer.

Nymi wristbandSource: Nymi

In fact, your body may be the key to unlocking everything from your personal devices and personal Internet accounts to even paying your bills, said Karl Martin, CEO of Bionym, the maker of a wearable device that uses certain biometrics to authenticate a person's identity.

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"It's about making identity easy. Right now, identity is hard. What if identity were easy, what are the things you could do?" Martin said. "It's this idea that services and your personal accounts and your information can just follow you and all you need is your identity."

Much like how Apple's iPhone 5S uses a fingerprint sensor to authenticate the user's identity, Bionym's bracelet—called the Nymi—uses sensors to capture a person's unique cardiac rhythm, or ECG, to wirelessly unlock or gain control of their devices.

So whenever a person is wearing their Nymi, they automatically have access to their devices without having to enter a password.

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