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Hometalking numbersBeware of this 'Wolf of Wall Street' stock: Strategist

Beware of this ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ stock: Strategist

The film "The Wolf of Wall Street" is packing movie theaters with its lurid tale of greed and excess surrounding Jordan Belfort's Stratton Oakmont. One of the stocks involved in the Stratton Oakmont scam was shoemaker Steve Madden. The company's namesake even received a 41-month prison sentence surrounding securities fraud.

But, here's something interesting: since going public in the 1990s, Steve Madden is up 3,000%. And, since the market bottom in 2009, the stock is up nearly six-fold.

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On CNBC's Street Signs' Talking Numbers segment, Marc Lichtenfeld, Chief Income Strategist at The Oxford Club, says investors should stay away from Steve Madden. Lichtenfeld notes the company has a healthy balance sheet, sales, and earnings but he doesn't trust it.

"This is a company that hired back Steve Madden," says Lichtenfeld. "The man has a right to work and any company has a right to hire him. But that doesn't mean I have to invest my money in a company that's going to hire a convicted stock manipulator in a very position; he's the head of design. He's still the largest shareholder."

"There are lots of companies out there with good, solid fundamentals and decent charts that don't have a convicted felon in a prominent position," says Lichtenfeld. "So, I would not own this stock."

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Meanwhile, Jeff Tomasulo, Managing Partner at Belpointe Alternative Investments, sees the stock as moving up along an uptrend. However, it just broke below it and could be headed to its next support level.

To see Tomasulo's charts on Steve Madden and to hear Lichtenfeld's reasons for not investing in the company, watch the video above.

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