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Homemad moneyCramer: Big theme presents major opportunity

Cramer: Big theme presents major opportunity

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When Cramer finds a money making theme he sticks with it. That's why he keeps coming back to this idea.

"I keep coming back to the domestic energy renaissance," Cramer said.

Although Cramer often focuses attention on unconventional oil finds he's also keenly aware of all the natural gas deposits in the nation.

"We're sitting on oceans of natural gas," Cramer said. "We literally have more nat gas than we know what to do with."

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Cramer believes the abundance of gas presents significant opportunity for investors and one of his favorite ways to leverage the theme is with a long position in Cheniere Energy.

"It was the first company to start building new nat gas export terminals in the continental United States," Cramer explained.

Because nat gas is so much more expensive in other parts of the world, customers turn to Cheniere which exports liquefied natural gas.

And Cheniere is dominant in the space because, "you have to build big facilities to convert it into its more compact liquefied natural gas form," Cramer explained.

In an exclusive conversation on Mad Money, Cheniere CEO Charif Souki told Cramer that his company is years ahead of the competition in that area.

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"I have never in my career seen a space that's changed so rapidly or presented so many opportunities," Souki told Cramer. "And nobody has broken ground like we have."

"Cheniere Energy has rallied 59% in the seven months since we last spoke to the CEO," Cramer noted. But considering the vast opportunity, "I woudn't be surprised if it has more room to run."

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