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Homemad moneyCramer: Pizza maker stealth tech play, really!

Cramer: Pizza maker stealth tech play, really!

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Believe it or not, Jim Cramer thinks one of the best ways to play advances in technology is with pizza.

That is, the "Mad Money" host believes advances in technology are clearly behind the incredible success of Domino's Pizza.

"Domino's CEO Patrick Doyle recognized that ordering pizzas on the phone could be replaced via new mobile, social and cloud applications. In just a couple of years the company switched from an error-prone verbal telephone based system to a terrific web-based system, to the point where you can actually order from Domino's on your Facebook page."

As a result, sales have surged and profits have exploded. "In turn shares have rallied over 600%, from $10 and change to over $70 in the four years since I started recommending it," Cramer noted.

That's a steal tech play, Cramer insisted.

"When I talk about stealth tech, I'm referring to companies that are using proprietary technology to invent entirely new markets and then dominate those markets, giving them faster growth, expanded margins, and ultimately higher price to earnings multiples and higher stock prices," Cramer said.

So who else falls into Cramer's stealth tech category? In addition to Domino's Cramer believes at least 3 other companies quality.

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Cramer concedes that most investors wouldn't think of Colgate as a play on technology, but he says it absolutely is.

" has been winning the toothpaste wars thanks to its Optic White toothpaste, which uses the same ingredients found in whitening strips to give people whiter teeth in just a week," Cramer said. "Also, they've got a new Palmolive dishwashing liquid that cleans not only dishes, but also the dirtiest instrument in the house, the sponge, washing away any lingering stinky residue. And in Colgate's pet food division, they sell Science Diet, a wellness food that's exclusively available from veterinarians. "

Under Armour

You may think of Under Armour as an apparel maker, but not Cramer. "Remember, Under Armour first became a household name by inventing an entirely new category of sportswear, a moisture-wicking compression-fit apparel made from advanced synthetics that keeps your body at a healthy and comfortable temperature while drying out faster than traditional athletic wear," Cramer said.

And the company isn't resting on past technology laurels.

"Kevin Plank devotes a huge amount of time on his quarterly conference calls to explaining the company's latest scientific breakthroughs," Cramer said.

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"For example, in 2011, Under Armour rolled out "charged cotton" as an alternative to the synthetic fibers that are so often used in sports apparel. But this wasn't regular cotton. See, charged cotton dries five times faster, and it has the kind of durability that you'd typically associate with polyester. Plank believes that this one invention could potentially quadruple Under Armour's total addressable market. That's huge."


Others may view RPM as a chemical company, but Cramer sees yet another stealth tech play.

"This company is developing revolutionary plastic fibers that could be as strong as the steel in rebar, a remarkable accomplishment because it's both lighter and cheaper. RPM has also got a special tech spray formula that makes liquids bounce right off of fabric without any stains or sogginess," Cramer said. If that's not technology, what is.

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