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Nasdaq reopens options trading after brief halt

Nasdaq OMX said it has reopened trading at its Nasdaq options market after a brief halt that affected trading in stocks A through M.

At approximately 11:42 am ET, Nadsaq OMX experienced an issue with options pricing data that affected one of the exchange group's three U.S. options markets, Nasdaq Options Market (NOM), for trading in symbols A through M. Nasdaq identified that the problem was a hardware issue related to inbound options pricing data.

The Nasdaq website soon issued an update saying the problem has been resolved and NOM reopened as of noon ET.

"The reliability of our market systems is essential to our ability to provide a fair and efficient trading environment for our clients and other market participants," according to a statement from the Nasdaq.

The episode continues to raise questions over the stability of the market systems following recent failures in data feeds. In late October, the Nasdaq Composite Index froze for nearly an hour after the Nasdaq experienced problems transmitting data for stock-market indexes.

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—By CNBC's JeeYeon Park. Follow her on Twitter @JeeYeonParkCNBC



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