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Cramer: Profit from Washington acrimony

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Tired of all the bickering in Washington? Jim Cramer is too. Although there's little he can do to mitigate partisan politics, there's a lot he can do to help you profit from it.

For example, with so much acrimony in our nation's capital, the resulting complexity of the has the potential to turn tax season into a nightmare.

And though you won't be able to avoid the resulting headaches, Cramer thinks you can harness the situation and turn it to your advantage.

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That is, as the nation's largest tax preparer, Cramer believes H&R Block will be one of the big beneficiaries of the confusion.

"H&R Block has over 12,000 offices around the globe," Cramer explained.

"We're the nation's 4th largest retailer, with more outlets than Dunkin Donuts or Walgreen," added H&R Block CEO Bill Cobb during an interview on "Mad Money."

"H&R Block prepares one out of every six tax returns in the United States, and with the new complexity introduced by the healthcare mandate, which requires you to pay the IRS a hefty fine if you don't have insurance, I think 2014 could be a breakout year for these guys," Cramer said.

However, that's not the only reason Cramer is bullish.

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"H&R Block is also trying to sell its bank business," he added.

That too could unlock value because H&R Block is currently classified as a bank holding company, which gives the Fed the power to limit the company's ability to buy back stock or boost its dividend.

"Once they sell the bank, I think H&R Block can return a lot more cash to shareholders, including raising the dividend, which now yields 2.6%, and the stock could soar," Cramer said.

"We're good a preparing individual and small business taxes," Cobb added. "We don't need to be a savings and loan."

Cramer couldn't agree more. "I think it's a great story," he said. "and the perfect tax-season play on Obamacare."

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