Tuesday, November 28, 2023
Hometrader pollFollowing December’s jobs shocker, what should Yellen do?

Following December’s jobs shocker, what should Yellen do?

If December's reading on U.S. employment had traders scratching their heads in confusion, it presents an ever greater question mark for Janet Yellen, the Federal Reserve's next appointed leader.

After the Federal Reserve announced a long-awaited reduction in its monthly asset purchases last month,the data may indicate that the Fed acted too soon and will likely yield uncertainty about the course of action the central bank should take in light of a not-so-bright economic outlook.

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Will the data present yet another "good-news-is-bad-news" situation and inspire the Fed to hold off on its previously announced reduction in asset purchases? For many, a situation in which the Fed exits its quantitative easing program while the economy experiences light job growth may finally be the necessary catalyst for a stock market correction.

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