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Homeroad warriorVintage Volkswagens on display at car museum

Vintage Volkswagens on display at car museum

At one of the world's largest and newest car museums, the Corvettes have been cleared out to make way for vintage Volkswagens.

"The irony was not lost on us of that some great cars with big engines were going out so that we could bring in the little Bugs," said Renee Crist, collection manager at LeMay—America's Car Museum, in Tacoma, Wash.

A father and his young son transformed this 1963 VW Beetle into a reproduction of Herbie the Love Bug, complete with racing stripes and numbers the same paint color – Volkswagen’s L-87 Pearl White – used to paint the cars used in the movies.Source: LeMay-America's Car Museum

The museum, which opened in 2012, can display up to 350 cars at a time. It draws its rotating exhibits from private owners, corporations and the LeMay Collection, which in the mid-'90s had amassed a Guinness record of more than 3,500 vehicles.

The museum's newest exhibit, "VeeDub—Bohemian Beauties," includes 25 unique Volkswagens, including rare early Beetles, a 1966 Westphalia Full Camper and a Thing.

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The show, which includes Volkswagen buses, dune buggies, kit cars, and Formula Vee racers, will likely bring back fond memories for several generations of Americans. It also celebrates "a car brand that has defined a culture of customization and entrepreneurship," said museum President and CEO David Madeira.


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