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Americans say rich don’t work harder

At the core of the inequality debate is the question of why some people are poor and others rich.

Liberals think it's structural, that the economy is rigged to support the privileged and keep down the poor. Conservatives say it's work and culture, that working hard and making the right choices will lift you up.

But a new poll from the Pew Research Center shows that the American public has a more balanced view of wealth and inequality.

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The survey found that most people believe being rich has to do with "having more advantages than others." Only about one-third believe wealth is a result of hard work.

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Half of those surveyed believe that people are poor because of "circumstances beyond their control." Only 35 percent believe it has to do with a lack of effort.

Most also feel the system "unfairly benefits the wealthy."

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But at the same time, Americans still believe the U.S. is the land of opportunity. Sixty percent agree that "most people who want to get ahead can make it if they work hard."


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