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Japanese bra helps women find Mr Right not Mr Right Now

A Japanese lingerie brand has produced a bra designed to stop women from being too 'hasty' in their romantic liaisons and to deter unwanted suitors.

Tokyo-based Ravijour has worked together with engineers to produce a bra which they claim will only unlock when the wearer is truly in love.

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The True Love Tester, as it is called, uses sensors and a special gadget linked to a mobile device to analyze the pattern and speed of the user's heartbeat in the heat of the moment, The Japan Times reported Thursday.

A promotional video on the firm's website shows how the sensors are fitted inside the bra cups, which send a wireless signal to a smart phone.

The app studies the heart's changing pattern and the duration of the change, which the makers say allows it distinguish between activities ranging from jogging to flirting.

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According to Ravijour, part of a human's adrenal gland, called the adrenal medulla, secretes catecholamines when someone is aroused, an article in The Week reported.

The more catecholamines you have in your system, they say, the faster your heart beats, helping them determine the specific heart rate parameters that distinguish between simple flirtation, an attraction you might regret in the morning, and true love.

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When the wearer of the bra meets a person who catches her attention, therefore raising her heart rate, the front clasp will glow pink, and once it reaches a threshold which the makers have identified as demonstrative of 'true love', then the clasp pops open.

The creators claim the bra knows how women truly feel, helping men know when to approach and when to back off.

The bra is part of Ravijour's publicity campaign marking the brand's 10-year anniversary and is not for sale.

ByCNBC's Katie Holliday: Follow her on Twitter @hollidaykatie


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