Friday, March 24, 2023
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Super Bowl food and eating: The pizza edition

What Omaha is to Peyton Manning, pizza is to the rest of us.

While Manning is resting his arm and Richard Sherman is resting his mouth, the nation's biggest pizza chains are in full pads (ok, aprons) gearing up for their biggest day: Super Bowl Sunday.

Americans love their pizza: thin, thick, square, round, white, red, gluten-free or weighed down with baked ziti; and Super Bowl Sunday is the biggest day of the year for pizza.

Sunday is D-Day for pizza, as in Delivery Day. The large chains are preparing for it by going mobile and hoping to block any rush by aggressive start-ups looking to kick off this Sunday with some gourmet (and very non-Italian) toppings.

CNBC's Jane Wells gets off the couch and off the sidelines for this edition of "Chew and Brew—mangia-style."

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Somebody call New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio—there's a pizza waiting for him … and his fork!


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