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Homemad moneyOnce market normalizes, these earnings will matter: Cramer

Once market normalizes, these earnings will matter: Cramer

Have you noticed that it feels like the market doesn't really care about earnings, right now? Cramer feels it too.

Lately earnings have taken a back seat to emerging markets woes, fear of another weak jobs number and other headwinds that have sent investors running for cover.

But it won't be that way forever.

"At some point the squall of selling will come to an end," Cramer said.

And when the market gets back to, at least some sense of normalcy, Cramer is confident that earnings will matter again.

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Over the long-term stocks rise and fall on fundamentals. "The numbers will be what matters," Cramer insisted.

Therefore the Mad Money host believes it's prudent to identify companies that released noteworthy earnings, now, and file that information away for later – when the numbers matter, more.

Although many companies are on Cramer's radar, on February 4th the "Mad Money" host turned attention to AGCO, a maker of agricultural equipment, which reported the same day.

Cramer thinks there's a lot to like here.

"a 6-cent earnings beat, although admittedly the beat came from a lower tax-rate," Cramer said.

"Also AGCO's revenues were in-line, rising 6% year over year—not bad at all."

And Cramer likes that the company's revenues come from all over the world, something that could be profitable as Europe's recovery picks up steam.

"AGCO gets 50% of its sales from Europe, the Middle East and Africa, 25% from the U.S., another 20% from South America, and just 5% from Asia. While North America and South America were sluggish, Europe, the Middle East and Africa were up 10% year over year."

Again, good information to be filed away.

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Now that's not to say there aren't any industry specific headwinds facing this stock – there are.

"AGCO says 2014 could be a challenging year given that crop prices are down big from 2013, and when farmers have less money, they tend to buy less equipment," Cramer noted.

Nonetheless, the Mad Money host thinks this stock is well worth watching.

"Once Wall Street calms itself down, the numbers will matter," said Cramer, and digging down into AGCO's results, pros may like what they see. "Especially since the stock has already taken a hit."

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