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Hometalking numbersRon Paul: Here's why gold is a safe haven again

Ron Paul: Here’s why gold is a safe haven again

Though emerging market turmoil is rattling US stocks, not everyone is having a bad time.

Gold investors are rejoicing at the yellow metal's 3% gain so far in 2014. That comes after the worst year for gold since Bill Clinton was in the White House.

And, one of gold's staunchest advocates, former congressman and presidential candidate Ron Paul, say gold remains the place to be.

Emerging markets have been shaky in part because of worries that the Federal Reserve Bank's monetary stimulus tapering will make it harder to attract capital to smaller, riskier economies.

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That monetary stimulus, which was ramped up to $85 billion per month throughout 2013, was expected by some gold investors to be the inflationary factor that would send gold skyrocketing. Instead, bullion was down 28% last year.

But, Paul sees 2013's gold price decline as merely a blip in the screen in the overall scheme of things.

"I don't see gold so much in short-term because I see it in over a 100-year period," says Paul to Talking Numbers. "Long-term, it will always go up so long as we have a Fed printing money. But, on the short-term, the traders have a lot to say about this. A correction like we just had last year – one year out of 13 – that's not a big correction. That doesn't destroy a so-called bull market."

Paul believes gold is at the bottom of its cycle. With continued stimulus, growing national debts, and market fear, Paul says investors will flock to gold.

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"I think they're going to move to gold," says Paul. "Gold is going to be the safe haven which it's been for 6,000 years."

Besides aesthetic reasons people like gold, Paul says it also serves a practical policy purpose.

"The most important thing about gold," says Paul "is it restrains the temptation of those who think they know best in what interest rates should be and what the money supply should be."

To see the rest of Ron Paul's interview with Talking Numbers on why he believes people will rush to gold, watch the video above.

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