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Gamblers lost a record $440B in 2013, and may not slow down

Gamblers around the world lost a total of $440 billion in 2013, an unprecedented amount still likely to increase, according to a story in the Economist.

Data from British consultants H2 Gambling Capital shows that Australians lost the most per person of the countries surveyed, while the Germans and the Dutch lost the least.

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The games people play vary by country: Australians like non-casino gaming machines, while Singaporeans favor casinos and lotteries. Finns, Danes and the Irish favor interactive gambling—done online, through the TV, or on a mobile phone—over other forms, according to a chart attached to the story.

China is rising in the ranks—it went from being the tenth-biggest gambling market to the second, though no data is available on how much Chinese themselves actually lose. The biggest overall market is still the United States, where gamblers lost a total of $119 billion—about a quarter of the global total.

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