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Timeline of Flight MH370

Malaysia airlines flight MH370 probably crashed in the southern Indian Ocean, thousands of miles from the plane's original flight path, authorities said, 16 days after the plane was first reported missing.

Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak at a press conference late on Monday said no one is believed to have survived the flight, which was carrying 239 passengers and crew from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing on Saturday, March 8.

The international investigation into the ill-fated carrier has produced several false leads over the past two weeks, taking a toll on the families of those on board the flight who until the announcement had been clinging on to hope their relatives may still be alive.

Many questions about the fate of MH370 remain unanswered, including why the flight diverted from its planned route and what exactly caused it to crash.

Here is a chronology of the latest developments:

Tuesday, March 25

Search suspended: Search operation for wreckage of the flight is temporarily suspended due to poor weather conditions in the southern Indian Ocean.

Monday, March 24

Confirmation of flight's fate:Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak says fresh analysis of satellite data tracking MH370 shows the flight went down with passengers and crew members in the southern Indian Ocean, west of Perth – a remote location, far from any possible landing sites.

Informing relatives: Malaysia Airlines sends text messages to families saying it has to be assumed that that none of those on board MH370 survived. The airline says arrangements will be made to take relatives of passengers to the recovery area once it receives approval from the investigating authorities.

More debris spotted: Earlier in the day, a Chinese plane spotted two white, square-shaped objects in an area identified by satellite imagery as containing possible debris from the missing airline.

Map showing possible route taken by missing MH370 flightCNBC

Sunday, March 23

Search continues: An international force resumes its search efforts, zeroing in on two areas some 2,500 km southwest of Perth in an effort to find an object identified by China and other small debris including a wooden pallet spotted by a search plane on Saturday.

Debris sighting: French satellite images show possible debris from the missing jet deep in the southern Indian Ocean, Malaysian authorities said. The statement gives no details as to whether the objects were in the same vicinity as the other possible finds.

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Hope of resolution: Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott says there is "increasing hope" of a breakthrough in the hunt for the missing airliner.

Saturday, March 22

Satellite captures possible wreckage:China releases a new satellite image of what could be wreckage from a missing Malaysian airliner.

The satellite took an image of an object 22 meters by 13 meters. The image location was about 120 kilometers south of where an Australian satellite viewed two objects two days earlier.

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The wing of a Boeing 777-200ER is approximately 27 meters long and 14 meters wide at its base, according to estimates derived from publicly available scale drawings.

Floating objects sighted: AMSA says a wooden pallet has been spotted by a search aircraft, and that it was surrounded by several other objects, including what appeared to be strapping belts of different colors.

Friday, March 21

Search efforts bear no fruit:International search efforts in the remote southern Indian Ocean fail to turn up anything and Australia's Deputy Prime Minister Warren Truss says suspected debris may have sunk. Aircraft and ships renew a search in the Andaman Sea between India and Thailand, going over areas that have already been exhaustively swept.

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