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Cramer’s 5 portfolio building block stocks

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If you're looking to build a portfolio of stocks, here's how Cramer would put money to work right here and right now.

Although Cramer first introduced these stocks about a week ago, he revisited the theme on Tuesday to further explain which stocks belonged in a retirement portfolio and which should be in a discretionary portfolio.

"Retirement investing is different from discretionary investing," Cramer explained.

With your retirement account Cramer advocates conservative investments; those that present lower risk. "Conversely, your discretionary portfolio is the place where you can afford to be aggressive." These are the kinds of stocks that present higher risk but also higher reward.

And in each portfolio Cramer believes you should hold no fewer than 5 stocks and no more than 10 stocks.

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"Five stocks is the absolute minimum you need for a portfolio to be diversified," Cramer explained, "and 10 is the maximum because you will burn yourself out if you try and do homework on more than ten stocks at once."

If that sounds like a lot of work, there's some good news. Cramer says it's ok for some stocks in your discretionary account to overlap with retirement account.

Now, with all that in mind, here's how Cramer would put money to work right now.

"First, I'd buy EOG Resources, as a classic growth play on the North American energy revolution, That I think you own in both an IRA or a regular discretionary account," he said.

"Second, I'd own a tech stock that's riding the social, mobile and cloud wave. In your more aggressive, discretionary portfolio, you might go with a high-flying cloud name like But for retirement, you want to be more conservative, which is why I'd go with something like Google."

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"Also, I'd own a retailer. For your conservative retirement fund, Macy's is the way to go. For your discretionary account, you can play around with a relative high-flyer like Whole Foods."

"In addition, I like Johnson Controls, a stock I think you can have in both your retirement and your discretionary accounts."

"And finally I'd own a healthcare stock. For retirement, I'd go with something that has a bountiful dividend yield like Johnson & Johnson. For your discretionary account, you want something with rapid growth, like Gilead."

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