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Homemad moneyFollowing path to profits, Cramer journeys to Emerald City

Following path to profits, Cramer journeys to Emerald City

Jim Cramer believes there's always a bull market somewhere and he's committed to finding the themes and related companies that stand to benefit.

It's a quest on which Cramer embarked 9 years ago, when "Mad Money" first debuted and since then, he's looked high and low, tirelessly working to make you money.

And much like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, the latest leg of Cramer's journey has led to the Emerald City.

Of course, in Cramerica, the Emerald City is the nickname for Seattle, a place that Jim Cramer believes is rich with smart companies that are leveraging a wide range of opportunities.

Although Cramer is a fan of many firms headquartered in and around the Seattle metropolitan area, on Wednesday he took his show on the road to further investigate the prospects of four favorites.

Following are his insights:

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Perhaps no other firm is more synonymous with Seattle than Starbucks. Founded in 1971 in the historic Pike Place Market, the company has emerged as a global java giant with stores in at least 55 countries.

Jim Cramer has been a fan of Starbucks stock for quite some time, largely because he believes in the leadership of CEO Howard Schultz.

Cramer says Starbucks may be the only mature company in the early stages of growth. That is, as big as Starbucks already is in the United States, he thinks the company is just scratching the surface in the rest of the world.

"We have 1000 stores already in China and in years to come we will have thousands more," said CEO Howard Schultz.

"It's just a fantastic story," Cramer added. "This is why I like the stock so very much."


The company that became Nordstrom was founded in the early 20th century by John Nordstrom as a small business that specialized in shoes. Over more than 100 years Nordstrom blossomed into a seller of better clothing and apparel that now operates more than 250 stores nationwide.

Of all the stocks in the retail sector, Cramer says "Nordstrom may be cheap." Looking at the company's aggressive dotcom strategy, as well as its commitment to customer service and it's Nordstrom Rack business, "I see a company that's worth more than $11 billion," Cramer said, referring to the current market cap.

But before you establish a new position, there is a small caveat. "Nordstrom has been frustrating bulls because they're spending so much on technology," Cramer said. "I see it as a 113 year old growth company but so far Nordstrom hasn't been able to articulate that."

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Founded in 2005, Zillow is a company that leverages both Internet and real estate with an online marketplace that helps home sellers and buyers as well as agents, brokers and others share information.

Cramer has been a long-term fan of Zillow for quite some time. In September 2013, while noting bearish sentiment in the stock, Cramer said sellers might not understand the business model.

That is, bears view Zillow as a housing play and frame the story "as the ultimate fad connected to a rapidly fading business," Cramer said. The "Mad Money" host, however sees Zillow as a new media play in the early stages of growth. "Subscription revenues and ad revenues are growing like crazy," he said.

If housing stabilizes and Zillow continues to show growth, Cramer believes there should be every reason for the stock to rally.

Seattle Genetics

Founded in 2001, Seattle Genetics is a biotech company focused on developing treatments used in the fight against cancer.

With a mission to focus on unmet needs in oncology, drugs made by Seattle Genetics have been approved in more than 35 countries to date.

A fan of the biotech sector, Cramer says, "if you want a small and investable biotech, I'd look at this one."

The "Mad Money" host firmly believes the ground breaking ways in which the company's products help patients battle cancer, can drive shares higher.

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