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Homeroad warriorRail inspiration: Amtrak rolls out residencies for writers

Rail inspiration: Amtrak rolls out residencies for writers

Finding time to write and comfortable places in which to do it—ideally that fuel the muse—are often elusive for many writers, but a new Amtrak program aims to make attaining them a little easier.

This month, the company announced the launch of the #AmtrakResidency program. Up to 24 writers will be given a round-trip ticket on a long-distance train and accommodations in a private sleeper-car room, equipped with a bed, a desk and ample electrical outlets.

"There is something very romantic about train travel and the written word," said Julia Quinn, director of social media for Amtrak.

"We provide the vehicle for inspiration," she said, noting that each car will have a window so residents can watch the countryside rolling by. "I think it's a great marriage."

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A passion for writing and train travel are the criteria for selection; emerging, as well as established writers will be considered. Residencies will typically extend from two to five days.

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