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Nordstrom postpones off-price Canada debut

Luxury department store Nordstrom will postpone the debut of its off-price Rack stores in Canada, according to a report in The Globe and Mail.

Nordstrom, which will open its first Canadian location in Calgary come fall, has plans to open six full-line stores in the country by 2016. Spokesman John Bailey told CNBC earlier this month that the company hopes to ultimately have eight to 10 full-line stores in Canada, and 15 to 20 Rack outlet stores.

But spokeswoman Brooke White told The Globe and Mail that the entry of Rack, which was expected in 2015, will now come around 2017, as it grapples with the complex move to Canada.

"We want to ensure we understand how to best serve Canadians," White told the publication in an interview.

Over the past few years, retailers from Target to J.Crew have stubbed their toes while entering the Canadian market. Deloitte's Alison Paul told CNBC earlier this month that often times retailers underestimate the complexities associated with setting up operations in the country, because it has certain similarities to the U.S.

In Target's case, many experts have attributed its struggles there to the ambitious goal of opening more than 100 stores in a year.

"The biggest challenge for businesses is that you have to set your expectations realistically because it is another country," Paul told CNBC.

To read the full article from The Globe and Mail, click here.

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