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CCTV Script 24/03/14

— This is the script of CNBC's news report for China's CCTV on March 24, Monday.

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US First Lady Michelle Obama and her two daughters are in China for a visit, and took a walk along the Great Wall while they were in Beijing. CNBC's China correspondent Eunice Yoon filed this report:

On the fourth day of her trip to China, Michelle Obama visited a Chinese historical landmark meant to keep the world out – the Great Wall.

But her week long tour here is meant to break down barriers between the US and China.

The first lady is not on a political mission but a cultural exchange. Her visit is seen as a way to help smooth out tensions over trade, foreign policy, and human rights.

With her daughters and mother in tow, Mrs. Obama is winning over Chinese, visiting tourist spots, schools, engaging in ping pong diplomacy, trying her hand at traditional calligraphy.

Creating the most buzz, her first meeting with China's first lady – a woman seen similarly here as Mrs Obama is in America – a hip fashion icon who grew up in a small town before marrying a man who now runs the country.

"My parents were not educated themselves, but one of the things they understood was that my brother and I needed that foundation. So the President and I have made education a key focus of our work."

Even though the three city tour is not political, Mrs Obama addressed the importance of freedom of speech.

"I want all of the young people around the world to operate with the freedom that we have all fought for."

And at the end of her stay, she's expected to dine at a Tibetan restaurant – a move seen as a subtle sign of support for a minority that has long complained about its treatment by Beijing.

From here, the First Lady heads south to see other Chinese historical sites and a centre for pandas before heading home.

Eunice Yoon, CNBC Beijing.

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