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Homeroad warriorA contender for the world's most unreliable flight

A contender for the world’s most unreliable flight

When does a delay become routine? Maybe when it happens 293 times in a row?

A regularly scheduled Wizz Air flight from London's Luton Airport to Budapest has not left on time since last summer, The Telegraph reports. That's according to information compiled by EUclaim, which helps passengers determine if they're entitled to compensation due to a delayed flight. The length of the delays for Flight W62206 range from two minutes to more than 12 hours.

The paper calls the flight "a contender for the world's most unreliable flight."

Wizz Air said the departure times do not qualify as delays however, as it said industry standards, applied by the [Civil Aviation Authority], "define all flights departing within 15 mins of the scheduled departure time, as on time".

Read the full story at The Telegraph.

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