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Obama on Ukraine crisis: ‘This is not another cold war’

President Barack Obama said Wednesday that the Russia-Ukraine crisis "is not another cold war we are entering."

Obama added that Russia must not be allowed to "run roughshod" over its neighbors as it has done in Ukraine.

He added that no amount of propaganda and falsehoods coming out of the Russian government can make right something the world knows is wrong.

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The U.S., its allies in Europe and other countries have refused to recognize Russia's recent annexation of Ukraine, denouncing it as an illegal land grab.

Obama says Russia is challenging truths that only a few weeks ago seemed self-evident. He says those truths are that borders cannot be redrawn by force, international law must be respected and people should be able to decide their own futures.

Obama commented during a speech while he is in Brussels for meetings on the situation between Russia and Ukraine.

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